Speeding Up a Slow Website

A web site that is running slower than it should be needs immediate attention. A computer and a web site runs at a certain speed which is normally consistant.

However, once a web site begins to run in a sluggish manner you know some kind of problem does exist. Something that can help you pinpoint a problem with a particular web site is load testing. Load testing is frequently used to measure a software response. Therefore, slower than average response time can be an accurate indicator that something needs to be corrected within a software system.

Load testing is specifically designed to determine a systems overall behavior under normal and peak conditions. Therefore, load testing can accurately measure response time especially when a web site is experiencing unusually high traffic from visitors and or other web sites.

Spike testing can also help to diagnose any problems with the overall function of a particular web site. Spike testing can be used to determine the overall stability of a particular type of computer or systems software. This kind of testing can easily target any fluctuation in computer activity and function during peak times and times when traffic is exceptionally low.

Testing firewalls can be included when conducting Spike testing. In some cases, a firewall can slow a system down which ultimately affects log on, log off time, changing computer screens and browsing. Firewalls are supposed to add protection to a computer system. However, sometimes a firewall malfunction can block critical information from entering or being added to a web site. When this occurs, it may be necessary to remove the firewall and reinstall the firewall at a later time. Even when you’re not using a firewall, servers can still be slow, and it can be hard to determine who is the fastest, most reliable web host.

Aside from common testing procedures, there are programs that can be purchased and downloaded that will speed up the accuracy of your computer and web site function. Some of these programs work similar to a defragment system. A defragment should be done periodically on a computer system to keep it running in a timely and efficient manner in order to clear up the cache and other cluttered files.

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